Learning Music with our WHOLE BODY

Learning Music with our WHOLE BODY

What could be better than learning music and exercising at the same time? Sounds weird I know. Well our Discover Music program does just that with our Giant Piano workshop.

Our students get to have fun jumping, running, turning and listening, all to create music with their bodies. They are learning about symbol recognition in patterning for music and how distancing between notes is a physical thing. Whoever thought you could leave a music class exhausted!

Agogo Music strives to teach music to all types of learners. Kinesthetic learners, (a love for learning through whole body movement), often find music education difficult. However, not many people realize that music is about PLAYING an instrument. That means physically engaging with that instrument. It is important to train our bodies to respond to sound and patterning just like we train our ears.

Music should be so much more than learn, practice, repeat. Combining music with science, art and exercise is what makes Discover Music so unique. It allows kids the opportunity to play, experiment, discover and create without realizing they are even learning

If you know a school or camp that might be interested in hosting our Discover Music program check out our Workshops page for more information: Agogo Workshops