Discover Music makes it Rain!

Discover Music makes it Rain!

For this weeks Discover Music class, we made a rainstorm in our classroom!  Impossible, you say?  Have a listen to what we can do when we use our hands, bodies, and a storage bin lid.  We had a blast making this incredible sound effect and you can too.

If you have an iPad or Mac computer, you can do the same thing.  Simply open up Garage Band and start a recording session.  Record your tracks/layers one at a time and stagger when each sound comes in!

How we got our sounds:

Track 1) Rub your hands together in a circular motion for 20 seconds.

Track 2) Tap/roll your fingers (like you’re typing, FAST) on the table top or box for 15 seconds.

Track 3) Pat your thighs for 10 seconds.

Track 4) Stomp your feet on the floor for 7 seconds.