Agogo Music was started in 2015 by Marcus Wong and a group of fellow music education enthusiasts. As artists, educators, and parents of young children, the group was eager to find quality music programming that was more than sing-a-longs but different from private lessons. They realized that there is a large gap in music education for children, so, they decided to develop a totally unique music experience that is fun and educational.  The result is Agogo Music’s brand new program for children ages 5-10 called Discover Music.

Marcus: Program Director

Kazoo Band Practice

Marcus is a musician, guitar instructor, and canine enthusiast. He has been working with children since his first job as a camp counselor, almost 20 years ago. While in university, Marcus instructed and performed for kids all over the city for Mad Science. Since then he’s been teaching private guitar lessons to students ranging from 4-60 years of age. Having the expertise to instruct sciences and music enables Marcus to be a versatile instructor.  Marcus’ experience as a live performer is evident in his charismatic and energetic approach to teaching.



Our fellowship of musicians, artists and educators has over 30 years combined experience working with children of all learning abilities.

Nolan: Programming and Instruction 

Nolan is a multi-instrumentalist, music educator and producer. He’s been playing guitar for 15 years and can wail on almost every string based instrument.  With a Bachelor of Music from the University of British Columbia, as well as a black belt in bass, Nolan has led many student groups in rock band, private lessons and more.

Emilie: Curriculum Development

Emilie is a painter, photographer, and art teacher . She has over 15 years of experience working with children of all learning abilities in sport, day camps, and the arts.  Emilie has been creating new and innovative programming for varying facilities and programs across Canada throughout her career. As an educator and a visual learner, Emilie brings a totally fresh perspective to music education.

“Being a hands-on visual learner can make learning music really hard. Music should be so much more than learn, practice, repeat. Combining music with science and art is what makes Discover Music so unique. It allows kids the opportunity to play, experiment, discover and create without realizing they are even learning” – Emilie