Discover Music
6-12 yrsages
10 class size

Example of a zither made in class.

Discover Music is an interactive program bringing together music, art, and science while teaching kids to Explore, Experiment and Experience MUSIC! When children are able to explore making sounds and rhythms, from seemingly non-musical objects, they create those “Ah-ha!” moments for themselves.


Who is Discover Music for?

Children aged 6-12 years old.

Kinaesthetic activities like ‘Piano Hoppers’ help to teach concepts of intervals and melodic movement.

Kinaesthetic activities to help us understand music! There is plenty of music-based programming available for children ages 0-5 years but little to none for elementary school kids that isn’t private music instruction. While private instruction is an invaluable experience for anyone, we realized that there is a gap between “sing-a-longs” and learning to play an instrument. What if you could understand how an instrument made it’s sound? We want to challenge your child to think differently about music, beyond formal instrument training, and build on a love and understanding of music through sound.


What do we do in the class?

Agogo Music provides a unique opportunity for your child to discover music in a whole new way. Each class your child will be learning about fundamental musical concepts such as; Sound, Vibrations, Rhythm, Pitch, Melody, Harmony, Form and Patterns. Every week students will leave class with their own DIY instruments or activities to continue the fun at home.


Want to know more?

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