Discover Ukulele
GR 1-6ages
10 participants class size

Our Discover Series has expanded and we are proud to offer our latest after-school program, Discover Ukulele! This isn’t just any ordinary ukulele class. We have taken our Explore, Experiment, Experience¬†philosophy and developed a ukulele program that brings together music, group kinaesthetic activities, games, science experiments, and art.

Of course our students will learn how to play melodies, chords, and read music. But they will also convert and play the sound and rhythm of their peers telling stories, learn body drumming and clapping techniques to internalize rhythm, and crack the code to understanding music theory.

There are so many reasons why learning to play a musical instrument is beneficial, as outlined in HERE. We find that bringing out the best in our students stems from building on and developing their character through the musical journey. Here is a list of just some of the benefits.

  • Strengthen one’s ability to concentrate/focus for extended periods of time.
  • Build/develop fine motor control and coordination.
  • Learn to listen acutely.
  • Develop connections and relationships with other musicians.
  • Build self-confidence/become comfortable expressing one’s self in front of others.
  • Strengthen ability to communicate without words 0r expressing emotions.
  • Learn and develop the skills to play songs/music that we all know and love.
  • Have FUN!

Questions & Answers

No. Our goal is to get your child excited about learning music, so that they can have a healthy and lasting relationship with it for the rest of their lives!
Yes. Regular practice is the best way to achieve results. Positive results are the best way to motivate our young musicians.