Private Lessons
1 class size

Private lessons are an incredible vehicle for aspiring musicians to realize their potential in a way that is fun, educational, social and rewarding.  With the right attitude and regular practice students can accomplish things they never imagined possible.  While developing confidence and improving focus students can have fun learning the universal language that is music.  

What we do

Agogo Music currently offers private music instruction for guitar, bass, banjo and voice.  But did you know that we also offer lessons for Ukulele?  For young beginners, ukulele is a great instrument as it is smaller than guitar and has fewer strings. Ukuleles are also great travel instruments that make for fun times at the beach, camping, and picnics.  

Our lessons have always been focused on teaching and improving our student’s ability to closely observe, listen, play, perform and share music with others and the world around them.

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